Stereo Net Review of the STANCE S1+ by Caleb Yorke

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“The Stance S1+ proudly boast sound signature that is nicely balanced with good extension at both ends of the spectrum. Offering a poweful bass punch that is present without being aggressive, along with clear and detailed mids and a perfect balance between being bright and smooth, you will be treated to a beautiful full body

Review of the STANCE S1+ by Harmony Central’s Senior Editor, Phil O’Keefe

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“The Bluetooth sound quality is better than any other Bluetooth headphones I’ve tried, and the wired sound of the Stance S1+ is noticeably better … it’s a joy to be able to go wireless without having to make huge compromises in sound quality. And at the end of the day, that’s a really big deal

“The thing with wireless headphones is the fear of losing audio quality and a discernible lag in audio delivery. Our 15 minutes with the Tach T1 managed to address those fears, with none of it ever popping up.”

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A short feature of the TACH T1 by Take a look here>>

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