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last updated 25 June 2015

STANCE S1 + : General Operation

Power Source

Check the Power Select Switch on your STANCE S1+. Please ensure you have selected the appropriate power source for the STANCE S1+ to draw from.


Source : In-built Lithium Battery
The headphones draw power from the in-built lithium battery when the bottom mode is selected. If the in-built lithium battery has been charged, you should be able switch ON your headphones.


Source : External Backup Battery
The headphones draw power from the external batteries when the top mode is selected. If no AAA batteries have been inserted when in this mode, no power will be supplied to the headphones.

Use of Batteries (External AAA)

Any alkaline, non-rechargeable AAA batteries will work with your STANCE S1+.
However, for better and longer lasting performance, we recommend the use of high-quality alkaline batteries.
No. Rechargeable battery voltage is too low to result in any meaningful music playing time on the STANCE S1+. It is recommended to use Alkaline 1.5V cells from a reputable brand.

Change in Sound Quality

Yes, non-rechargeable AAA Lithium batteries (1.5 V) are compatible with the STANCE S1+.The battery life may be longer than standard Alkaline Batteries.
The loss of bass could be due to batteries getting weak. Please charge your STANCE S1+.

Volume Control Dial™

The ‘beep’ sound indicates that the headphone is at its maximum volume.
The Control Dial™ on the STANCE S1+ only works when in Wireless Bluetooth® mode.
While using the STANCE S1+ in “Wired Mode”, you can control the volume remotely via the buttons on the audio cable.

When Connected to Device via Audio Cable (Wired Mode)

The Buttons and Control Dial™ on the STANCE S1+ only work when it is in the Wireless Bluetooth® mode.
While using the audio cable, you can answer phone calls, pause/resume music playback remotely by pressing on the buttons on the audio cable.
To connect the PENDULUMIC™ Audio Cable correctly, ensure that :
– The 4 section audio jack goes to the audio jack of your device
– The 3 section audio jack is connected to your STANCE S1+
No, the PENDULUMIC™ Audio Cable will not work with some Mobile Devices because the 4 section plug(TR1R2S) has two type of configuration. The cable supplied with the S1+ is uses the CTIA/AHJ configuration where the Ring (R2) is grounded and the Sleeve(S) is the microphone application.

STANCE S1 + : Wireless Bluetooth® Operation

  1. Please ensure that the WIRELESS Bluetooth® mode is selected on your STANCE S1+. Refer to the user guide for more details.
  2. Please move closer to your Bluetooth® audio device and move away from other electrical equipment.
  3. Weak batteries can interfere with the Bluetooth® reception. Please charge your STANCE S1+.
Please check that you have updated your device to the latest firmware. iOS & Android firmware is regularly updated to patch bugs or firmware issues. The STANCE S1+ is tested with and compatible with phones of major brands running on both iOS and Android operating systems.
Please specify the STANCE S1+ as the default audio device for your operating system. Please refer to the instruction manual for your operating system.
  1. Ensure that the STANCE S1+ is in Bluetooth® mode
  2. Hold the dial for 10 seconds to do a full reset
  3. Manually pair your STANCE S1+ with your audio device again
Yes. The STANCE S1+ has an in-built microphone that allows users to answer phone calls in Bluetooth® mode.

Using STANCE S1+ with Bluetooth® Source Transmitters

Yes, that is possible, on the condition that the Bluetooth® source/device is V2.1 EDR or higher. However, the recovered audio may vary.
If the source device and transmitter supports aptX, the audio quality will be likened to CD-quality.
The STANCE S1+ will work with Bluetooth® streaming audio devices that are V2.1 EDR or higher. The latency may vary according to the transmitter used(as low as 72mS).
The following have been tested:
– Creative BT-D1 (USB Bluetooth Transmitter with aptX, no dual stream)
– Rangers (Bluetooth Transmitter Audio Splitter, with aptX & dual stream)
– Azio BTDV401 (USB Bluetooth Transmitter with aptX, no dual stream)
– Avantree Priva (Bluetooth Transmitter, with aptX, with dual stream)

Using the STANCE S1+ with SMART TVs

Method 1 : via smart TV’s built-in wireless connection
Firstly, check the specifications of your smart TV; it must have a built-in Bluetooth® transmitter (version EDR 2.1 or higher). Follow your smart TV’s operating manual to pair the STANCE S1+ via Bluetooth®.
Method 2 : via a third party Bluetooth® transmitter
If your smart TV does not have a built-in Bluetooth® transmitter, but has an analog audio output, you can connect the STANCE S1, with a compatible Bluetooth® transmitter.
Firstly, using a suitable audio cable, connect the the smart TV’s audio output to the Bluetooth® transmitter’s audio input.
Next, pair the STANCE S1+ to your Bluetooth® Transmitter (Kindly refer to instruction manual of the Bluetooth® Transmitter)
Note: When using a low latency BT transmitter such as from Ranger & Avantree , dual stream and low latency( as low as 72mS) is achievable with S1+ , allowing two S1+ headphone to be watch simultaneously with almost no lip synch issues.
Method 3 : via direct wired.
If your smart TV does not have a Bluetooth® transmitter, check if your smart TV has an analog audio output.
Choose a suitable audio cable that can connect from the smart TV audio output to the Stance S1. Select S1 Wired Amplified mode (Ensure that you are in the Wired Mode, and the power switch is in the “ON” position).
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