Unparalleled Wireless Headphone Technology

By pumping out wireless audio with the quality of a wired connection, the newest Bluetooth 4.0 with aptX® technology leaves previous versions far behind. It has forever changed how we consume audio. What’s more – it’s removed the final barrier to cutting the cord.


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Best performance among Bluetooth Headphones

“We’ve wanted to build a wireless headphone like STANCE S1 for a long time. But the tradeoff in sound quality using the wireless technologies of the day was too much for PENDULUMIC standards. The moment we heard Bluetooth 4.0, and aptX, we knew the time for STANCE S1 had arrived.”
– Mike Johnson, PENDULUMIC USA

You Have To Hear It To Believe It.

We get skeptical looks when we talk about STANCE S1 being indistinguishable from wired listening. We understand—it’s a big leap. So we came up with The PENDULUMIC Challenge, a blind, wired vs. wireless listening test that lets people at audio shows, stores, and demos prove the point to themselves. How? By not being able to choose from between the two.

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Supreme-quality Bluetooth Headphones

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AutoPair Connects.

So you don’t have to.

We at Pendulumic even took on the necessary evil of pairing. Simply because we never understood the reason for having to put a device into pairing mode each time. Isn’t doing it once enough? After answering in the affirmative, we developed AutoPair. By automatically searching for new devices, keeping track of previously-approved devices, and skipping a few unnecessary steps, STANCE S1 pairs to new sources OR re-connects to known devices with a single press of our easy-access analog knob. Now that’s how you get connected.

We Listened, Too. And Made The Call.

Got a mobile phone call? No need to change headsets, or miss the music. STANCE S1 automatically pauses playback, goes into phone mode, and gives you single-button wireless control (or wired, using the included cable/controller). All this comes with sealed sound clarity, a crystal-clear mic, and a 50-foot range. Afterward, STANCE S1 automatically picks up where the music left off — without missing a beat.

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Why Bluetooth 4.0? aptX? What about A2DP?

Since the wireless world seems to change every 17 minutes or so, here’s the bottom line for any audio-conscious wireless listener: Bluetooth 4.0 with the atpX add-on is the latest, best-sounding technology available for wireless audio playback of aptX (or A2DP) devices. For good reason too. It delivers CD-quality stereo audio, wirelessly. Or, in other words, it makes wireless and wired audio indistinguishable from each other. All while maximising battery life.

This is quite a big leap from previous versions, the earliest of which was compressed for voice recording. Unfortunately, for monetary and technological reasons, outdated Bluetooth versions are still being used in surprisingly-extravagant headphone products you can buy online. And the difference is huge.

Remember: For optimum audio pleasure, it’s critical to look out for Bluetooth 4.0 with aptX in your wireless playback and receiving devices. (Apple users: If your playback unit says A2DP, rest easy—that technology is embedded in Bluetooth 4.0, and optimized by STANCE S1 for high-quality playback). You can now buy online the best Bluetooth headphones.

You can now buy the best Bluetooth headsets online, even if your budget entails shopping below US$200.

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CSR’s aptX technology is an optional add-on to Bluetooth 4.0. Coming to the standard in STANCE S1, it’s able to significantly reduce audio bit rates while maintaining their integrity, making for effective audio throughput, while simultaneously preserving audio quality. What this translates to is completely straightforward: pure wireless sound that doesn’t compromise on audio quality. And an impressive wireless listening experience that you just can’t get anywhere else. *

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The Advanced Audio Distribution Profile (A2DP) is a Bluetooth profile that facilitates the wireless transmission of stereo audio from an A2DP source. It is embedded into Bluetooth 4.0, so it’s completely supported and optimized by PENDULUMIC STANCE S1 headphones. Therefore, it makes the most of any A2DP-enabled playback device. The end result is pure, full-spectrum wireless sound quality with clarity and precision that truly moves you.

The Bluetooth logo and word mark are landmarks owned by the Bluetooth SIG, Inc., the aptX mark and logo are trademark owned by CSR plc, Apple is a trademark of Apple Inc., registered in the U.S. and other countries.