InstantOn – An Instant Hit.

Sure, our exclusive InstantOn AAA-battery backup feature is an innovative creation. And a great way to get powered up instantly — without recharging hassles — if you run out. But this same little AAA battery port offers something much bigger: Unlimited wireless playback. Meaning you never have to recharge the internal battery again, if you don’t want to. Just pop in a couple of fresh AAA’s, and you go from out of power to up and running. Then you can do it again. And again. Which means an end to down time. Or going back to the grid for a battery charge. Or limitations. You can now leave all your worries about wireless headphones’ long battery life at home. Just unending music — wherever you want to end up. Now that’s freedom.

wireless headphones long battery life

What’s So Big About Two Little Batteries?

Thanks to InstantOn, you can still be listening three days into that remote camping trip. Or snowboarding to your mountain mix, instead of recharging in the lodge. Want to trek the Himalayas while listening to Wagner? Pack up your Sherpa with AAA’s and off you go. Forgot to recharge the internal battery last night? You’re on in just about as many seconds as it takes to pop in a couple of fresh AAA’s — for about 12 very hi-fi hours of wireless playback per pair (using Alkaline batteries).

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