Wireless Audio That
Doesn’t Sound Wireless.

The new wireless quality and freedom in STANCE S1 is redefining how we consume music in today’s world. Thanks to the CD-quality wireless audio of Bluetooth(r) 4.0 with aptX(r), over-ear clarity, AutoPair ease, and no messy cords, you’ll be savouring your sounds on all corners of the Earth, right from beaches to mountains, planes to subways, and gyms as well as marathons — or simply just class to class.


Turn Up The Fun.

Our built-in, optimally-tuned PENDULUMIC Amplifier™is your choice for the best sound quality Bluetooth headphones below US$200 – which pump the volume, pound the bass, juice the best frequencies, and contribute to serious cases of long-lasting listening pleasure. It’s ideal for travelling, at the pool, hanging out, and anywhere else you want to seriously spice up your musical palate.


Get Wired.

No matter what you’re doing musically, having a direct connection is necessary. With STANCE S1, you don’t need another headphone — just switch over to wired mode. Want to save battery power? Wired Amplified mode consumes little and doesn’t consume on passive mode. Checking connections in your entertainment centre? Plug STANCE S1 wireless Bluetooth stereo headphones directly into the system. Recording your own music? Use wired mode for latency-free recording, and reference-quality mixing. Or to listen to audio at places wireless isn’t allowed. Hey, maybe you just like cords. Regardless of what your preferences are, wired mode will hook you up.

best audio quality wireless headphones
wireless stereo headphones

Phone Call?
STANCE S1 Has That Answer, Too.

Got a call? No need to change headsets, or miss the music. STANCE S1 pauses playback, goes into phone mode, and gives you single-button wireless control (or wired, using the included cable/controller). All this comes with the added clarity of sealed over-ear sound, and a noise-reducing mic. Afterward, STANCE S1 automatically picks up where the music left off. It doesn’t miss a beat. And you won’t, either.