Watch the STANCE S1 Designer Walkthrough


Designed to Impress.
Made to Astonish.

To many companies, “user-centric design” simply means bolting parts together, then making the user adapt. Not here. In fact, because we start with the end result — the human user — we often have to make or invent many of our components. Like the multi-function analog knob at the center of STANCE S1. And InstantOn, our industry-first AAA backup solution. Or our AutoPair technology. When do we start thinking our product is ready? When it works so naturally, our users don’t have to think about it at all.

Instantly Familiar, Naturally Smooth.
The PENDULUMIC Control Dial™.

On STANCE S1, you won’t find the recessed, over-sensitive electronic buttons seen on other headphones. Or functions requiring multiple presses, for nested menu items. Instead, STANCE S1 users can control the many on-board listening functions with a single, familiar analog knob, located in the most natural place — behind the right earpiece. It’s our stylish and functional PENDULUMIC Control Dial™. It’s the complex made simple.


Beautifully Shaped, Precisely Crafted

Being able to compress all the features of STANCE S1 down to a light and compact frame is an engineering feat. But putting them together beautifully is an art. From the hand-picked protein leather on the ear cushions and headband, to the robust aluminum alloy composing the sliding-tensioner mechanism, STANCE S1 looks incredible when new, is built to last, and designed to ‘age’ gracefully.

A Thousand Ears. A Single Result.

STANCE S1’s size proportions, weight balance and fit measurements weren’t determined by trying it with Suzie in accounting, and Ted in the warehouse.
Far from it. These critical items are the result of advanced anthropometric and ergonomics research. In fact, over 500 pairs of ears and molded ear impressions gathered from a wide range of people were measured, 3D-scanned, and analyzed before arriving at the final design dimensions for STANCE S1.
Complex, yes. But to us, necessary. Because it was the best way to ensure the earcup, the headband, and the tensioner adapt to most any head. And fit not just comfortably, but simply. Like an extension of the body. All to help users achieve our most sought-after goal — to forget they’re wearing a headphone.